My birthday and 12 weeks!

Today is my birthday! I am celebrating 28 fabulous years and this birthday is different than all the others because of our growing baby! Today I am also 12 weeks along. The baby is now the size of a lime at about 2 and a half inches long. So far I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. Early on I was tired all the time and felt queasy for a lot of the day. I've never thrown up (woot woot!) or actually felt sick enough to not do anything. I hope this is a sign of good things. So far I haven't gained any weight even though it sometimes looks like it. By the end of the day it sure feels like it! I go for my next appointment on October 15th and then the one after that is hopefully the gender reveal! We think that for now we aren't going to share the gender but who knows. Sometimes I can't keep a secret! Especially something so exciting!

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  1. Keeping track of the fruit sizes was one of my favorite things! Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day!