The Flood of 2014

So this winter has been pretty cold and filled with snow. School has been cancelled several days and not just for snow but for below zero days. So Friday Clint texted me before I had left school and said to call him asap. I called him and he said a pipe busted and was flooding the house. What?! Great.

Here are a few pictures from Friday night when I first got home.

Behind door #1...

a busted pipe! The cold water pipe on the left is what cracked.

kitchen ceiling...wet spots but not too bad

laundry room dripping with water
garage ceiling...water was dripping down the door frame and actually frozen

our freshly painted laundry room

a steady stream in the basement ceiling


I picked up the cushion and water just gushed out.

another stream just running down the front of the tv

that might need fixed

well I guess it is called a pool table...hahaha

I think the ceiling is a little wet.

good thing we have pool floaties in here

a new waterfall feature we have now
Here's some pictures from today after Clint and the water restoration people did some demo.

They cut out the drywall behind our cabinets t make sure they weren't wet.

They peeled up the carpet and ripped out the wet padding. 

The kitchen floor was taken out.

They took out the toe kick below most of the cabinets.

They also propped up the island to dry underneath.

Almost everything was taken out of the laundry room because it is directly below the cracked pipe.

Hello new pocket door.

Half the ceiling was taken out from the basement.

The carpet and padding are now dry.

Might need some patchwork.

Our fan club!

They took the fans out of the upstairs closet and bathroom today along with all the fans from the kitchen and laundry room. There is one fan and dehumidifier in the family room still along with several fans still in the basement. Clint also removed the drywall from the second smaller bulkhead tonight. Hopefully the last of the fans will be taken out in a day or two so we can get started on putting everything back together! 

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