40 Weeks

The little man has now been in this world for as long as he was in my belly!

Likes: playing, being curious, crawling all over the place, playing with newspaper and magazines, pulling up on anything that he can, trying to get the dog bone, wrinkling his nose all the time, and bananas!

Dislikes: being strapped into his carseat

What's New in the Last Week: He has been getting into the cabinets like crazy, he has blown raspberries on me a couple times, he can put his bath toys into the net hoop, and he is now able to walk along furniture. He also is doing really well with his walker! He is changing so fast these days!

Clint is banned from doing his hair after the bath.

Cute x 2

let's make some cookies!

nice hat

having fun with his friend Ady

scrunchy nose boy

he likes his new chair...until he fell over

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