38 Weeks

Parker is 38 weeks old today! This week has been extra nice because I was supposed to go back to work on Monday but the huge snowstorm that came on Sunday has given me three extra days! I'm pretty sure we'll be going back on Thursday so I am soaking up all this extra time with P man (and Clint who was off the last two weeks...plus Monday & Tuesday!)!

Likes: blowing your tongue at him, pointing to small things with his pointer finger (soo cute!), his toy car, standing, pulling up on everything, trying to feed himself, clapping

Dislikes: getting woken up from a nap too early

What's New in the Last Week: He has started crawling to find people and even peeks around the corner. We have started to teach him a couple different signs...we'll see how quickly he can pick them up.

finally noticed the frog

chewing on a waffle

he loves the touch and feel books...must get more!

reading with daddy

making faces while stuck in his pack and play

hanging out with Mike and Griffin

Zoe has warmed up to Parker quite a bit...not quite to the love status yet

grilled cheese

We've enjoyed our snow days!

big bellied goober

a rare sighting of a nap!

crawling around with his buddy

"Look how big we are!"

Crawling to go find Zobo.

toasting our toes during the blizzard

I like my new pants!!

Crawling to go find daddy while he was painting.

He loves standing!


watching it snow

We have had so much fun the last two and a half weeks! I can't believe how much he has grown!! My little love bug!

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