39 Weeks

P-Man is 39 weeks old!

Likes: snuggles, climbing all over us when we're on the floor, following us (as fast as he can go right now!)

Dislikes: going in his car seat when I pick him up after school

What's New in the Last Week: he has been scrunching up his nose all the time...it's is so cute!! He also seems to realize that he can make different sounds and he tries them out all day when he finds a new one! He can pull himself up on almost anything and can crawl on hard floors. He can open his dresser drawers unfortunately but not smashed hands yet. He can bend down to pick things up while standing instead of just stretching out his hand. He can stand on his tiptoes which is too precious! He has also taken several steps with his walker!

laying in daddy's spot watching cartoons on our last snow day

climbing up on everything...trying to get in his toy box

napping with grandma

daddy's making him practice his chin ups already

bedtime stories

scrunchy nose!

fell asleep at Jennifer's with Spike!

keeping Jennifer on her toes all day!

future BFFs...I hope!

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