9 Months Old

Big Milestones: He learned how to crawl in the last month and he is definitely picking up some speed! Not long after he learned to crawl he also learned how to pull himself up. The other day he started walking along the couch while holding on. He also loves to pull himself up in his crib and pack and play and move from side to side! I'm not sure we're quite ready for him to add walking so let's hope he waits ;)

He has gotten pretty good at drinking from a sippy cup although we don't give him much to drink other than milk right now. He has had a few smoothies for breakfast and is really good at drinking through a straw.

He is making more and more sounds as well as mimicking a few motions that we do. He has also started to do a few things to get us to laugh. He loves to knock things over!

Measurements: He goes to the doctor next Thursday for his official 9 month check up but right now he is about 20 pounds and 28 inches long...and his head is just big. No need to measure it ;)

Daily Schedule:  Parker has been a pretty good sleeper the last month! He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 pm and wakes up around 6 am. He is still being breastfed (or fed pumped milk) 4-5 times a day. He eats solid foods 3 times a day and hasn't turned any foods down yet! He usually takes 2 or 3 20-30 minute naps a day. The rest of the day he is playing as much as possible! Although sometimes in the morning and evenings he likes to cuddle.

Our little baby is growing up too quickly!

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