Week 35

Clearly the belly is getting bigger! 35 weeks down and hopefully only about 5 more!

Sleep: I have been sleeping on my left side for the last several months. Laying on my right side is so uncomfortable...probably because he is laying on my right side mostly.Otherwise I am definitely getting more sleep in lately!

Body Changes: Obviously I have to update about the belly button! It is definitely on it's way out! I may just have to take a picture next week.

Food: I have eaten more this last week which is probably why I gained 5 pounds two weeks ago! From about week 30-33 I didn't gain any weight but had gained a total of about 15. From week 33 to 34 I gained 5 pounds. I didn't gain any this last week so I am still sitting (or standing) at about 20 pounds gained so far. Hopefully I only gain about 5 more...fingers crossed! I will be ok with anything under 30 though.

Symptoms: My tummy has been tighter which makes some things a little more uncomfortable...like sitting or standing, or laying down...I guess really anything can be comfortable one min and then all of a sudden - uncomfortable! Stairs are also my enemy. Curse Chapel Glen and it's stairs!! Why can't my school be only one floor??

Movement: He sure loves to stick out on my right side and on the left side of my belly button! He also pushes out/up under my right rib. For some reason when he has the hiccups (at least twice a day!) I can only feel them on my lower left hip area. So weird. Not really a big fan of the hiccups either. He gets them so often they just sort of become annoying.

Things We Bought/Did: Saturday Clint and I got a bunch of things done around the house. We hung up the baby monitor and tested it out. We received a video monitor from my dad and stepmom for Christmas and now it's ready to go! I got all our cloth diapers and inserts washed and ready to go. After our showers we had stacks of things everywhere. I got everything put away! 

We received so many books at our showers but we don't really have room for a book shelf with the two dressers. So we went to Menards and bought some wood and Clint is making some shelves that we are going to hang on the wall that is inset right by the rocking chair. I'm going to paint them orange and turquoise! So far he only has one done because he broke his mitre saw a few weeks ago and got tired of using his circular saw (it was taking forever to cut the wood). So now he needs a new saw.

I also planned with mom to finish up the decorating part of the baby room. We (and probably mostly her) will paint a tree or maybe two and some owls. I ordered a cute fox nightlight and am looking for some other fox decals or signs to hang to tie in the owl/fox theme. The last decorating part will be to hang the baby's name...since we don't have a name decided on yet, that will probably be after he's born!

I guess that's all for now! I have a doctor's appointment next week - which is when I switch to weekly appointments! She is also checking my cervix! Both of these events are definitely signaling that the end is near! I am excited but nervous!! I also only have 8 more days left at school! Yikes! Got anything to say? Advice, tips, love? Leave them below! I haven't had any comments in forever :) 


  1. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. I always get excited for the latest blog post! I can't wait to see the finished room! I can't wait to see all his lovely books! I can't wait to see your dorky bellybutton! I can't wait to find out his name! I can't wait to see you in a few days! And I can't wait until he's born!!! Love you!!!

  2. Dale was checking out Craigslist yesterday, and called me in the middle of the class I was teaching to see if we should get a Pack n'Play he saw. LOL - he's ready for you guys to come out and visit with the baby! I'm looking forward to coming out to meet this new little one!!

  3. You will be a wonderful mother. You are so kind and nurturing. I'm glad we will get to meet your little one soon. I live for Tuesday blogs. They made me smille and feel good all over.