Maternity Pics

My sister Lindsay was in town this weekend after going on a cruise for her spring break, so I decided to take advantage ask her to snap a few pictures for the baby room. I am thinking about doing a gallery wall of some sort with his name and a few other things. Luckily the weather wasn't too bad yesterday, almost in the 50's. The awful cold that I have had for about 5 days wasn't too bad in the middle of the day either. So we took about 20 minutes to take a few pictures behind my dad's house (which is across the street from us). I messed around with the pictures in Photoshop - I found a really good website with tutorials/help here.

I printed the ones above in a few different sizes but I don't know which I will hang yet. 

Because I am a Briggs and Lindsay was behind the camera, we had a few fun extras!

Baby drop zone!

Holy crap lady! How much do you weigh??

I don't want to kiss you! You're sick!!!!!

I LOVE taking pictures and I LOVE my S.I.L!!

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  1. It was a fun, impromptu shoot! Clint was a pretty good sport. I love your camera. The pics are so crisp! I also love, love, love the first pic! It's a good thing I'm a good paparazzi! Catching you off guard was the best. And I like the one with you on the steps. After I told Clint to smile and stop looking like a goon. LOL!