34 Weeks

Another pink shirt...and I don't even really like pink! I won't wear anymore pink!

Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks (officially). I have a doctor appointment right after school and after that I have family night at school. Busy night! So I though I'd blog tonight instead. I am sure my belly won't grow much overnight :)

Sleep:  It's getting a little bit harder to lay down comfortably at times. However once I'm asleep, I'm pretty good.
Body Changes: I feel like I have been pretty lucky this whole time! I haven't had a lot of weird changes happening to my body than than my belly getting big. I developed the dark line under my belly button a long time ago but the line above my belly button is starting to show.My belly button is pretty much almost flat now too.

Food: Food is yummy. That's all I got.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Movement: He is definitely running out of room! Some of the movements are more painful now too! I guess that's what happens when you try to fit a cantaloupe into a ziploc bag!

Things We Bought/Did: My sister Hilary came down on Saturday to hang out and we did lots of shopping! We received several gift cards and some cash at our showers the weekend before so of course I went to use them! I had made a list of the last few items I thought we really needed before the little pipsqueak makes his arrival. Using lots of coupons and gift cards, I got almost everything off our list without spending any money! Score!! 

Some of the things I picked up: 
floppy hat for the pool

changing pad and cover

some cute converse-like booties

crib mattress protector, ear thermometer, baby mittens, tons of shorts for the summer, and a few other oddball things.

Here is another three picture comparison!

 From a nectarine to a cantaloupe!

(I also added the 3 picture comparison to last week's post in case you missed it!)

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