37 Weeks...and Feeling It!

Didn't realize the chalk would be hard to read! Phoo!
You may notice that Clint finally added a nice little frame to my little chalkboard! Last weekend he decided he was going to have fun in the garage because he had a miter saw to use! A family friend lent him his saw so he could finish putting together our little book shelves. 

Colors: Molokai Blue and Orange Poppy

I started painting these yesterday but didn't get to them today because I am SICK!

So I mentioned in my last post that I was sick...it all started last Monday when my throat started to hurt pretty bad. I thought I might be getting strep throat. I asked my doctor about it on Tuesday at my appointment. She said that if it got worse in the next two days, go see my regular family doctor. Well Wednesday my throat wasn't too bad but I started to have congestion and a cough. It just seemed like a little cold. Thursday was a full on head cold! It it wasn't my last two days of school and right before Spring Break, I definitely would have taken off Friday because it was an awful-feeling day. Luckily it was my last day at school and we had a few fun things and I was all into enjoying the last day with my kids. After school I went out with some girls from school and just felt miserable. I went home and took a hot bath and went to bed fairly early. Well Saturday morning I didn't feel too bad and by the afternoon I was feeling pretty decent...hence the maternity photo shoot! The weather was nice, I wasn't too congested, and I felt like I was clearing up. By the time the evening came around, I was beat and starting to feel it again! I went to bed early again. Sunday I felt kind of crappy again...Clint and I went to Meijer to get some kind of medicine. I knew toughing it out wasn't going to work! I spoke with the pharmacist (intern...grr). She recommended taking Zyrtec...which basically was going to stop the runny nose. Please! Let's just call my nose Old Green Faithful! TMI? Sorry. Monday starting going down hill when I noticed a toothache and this morning I knew I had to do something because everything felt awful! I had a headache, my throat was hurting, my tooth was aching, and now my cheeks hurt! A-ha! Sinus infection! I called my OB office and they said she would be able to prescribe me something...an added bonus was when they called and asked me to come in earlier because of a conflict! 

Well after I told her my symptoms, the doctor (not my regular one) preceded to press as hard as her little hands could right on my cheek sinuses while asking, "Does this hurt?" Um YES...I just said that! Jiminey cricket! "Well you have a severe sinus infection."  No der!

I cam home took a hot shower and laid on the couch for a bit and decided to do my chalkboard. I was going to skip out on you guys but I am toughing it out! J/K I'm in pj's sitting on my heating pad!

Oh and my cervix is still sealed like a glove! No March baby here!

Sorry for the long and sick post! However, I hope to be well any day now! Enjoy the three photo comparison!

Three of my better pictures if I do say so myself :) 
Oh, like my new stripey pj pants?? I love them! Super comfy!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Luckily you get to stay home and rest!

  2. "Oh and my cervix is still sealed like a glove! No March baby here!"

    Still dying laughing. So funny. Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!