Final Month!!

Well I am now in the final month! I seriously can't believe there are only about 4 more weeks until we get to meet our little guy! I only have three days left of school too! It feels like we just started this school year not too long ago. I am ready for spring break though. We really picked the best timing to have a baby. 

I had a doctor's appointment today...we start going every week now. She checked my cervix for the first time. I had no idea how this was going to happen and I didn't really know what to expect but it turns out that it was no big deal really. Think I'm dilated? Wait and see! She measured my belly and I measured 35 weeks. Clint asked if the baby was going to be small and she said it probably wouldn't be too big unless he is hiding a lot of himself somewhere. Have any weight guesses? Be sure to vote in the poll! You have to view the web version to is on the left sidebar! I think he'll be just under 8 pounds. At least that's what I think right now.

Ok...I am not dilated at all yet! Which is good because my doctor will be in Florida next week on Spring Break! 

Sleep: I haven't slept well this week. I feel tired but once I lay down in bed, I can't fall asleep! I just don't feel tired. I also really want to sleep on my side but after a few minutes I need to switch to my back. Makes it even harder to fall asleep.
Small picture...don't want to scare the locals!
 Body Changes: Check out my belly button for your very own eyes! Still not completely inside but it sure is starting to stick out. 
Oh no! Cankles!
 Today at the doctor I was sitting there in my socks and Clint and I were admiring my fat ankles. It looks like I twisted them! They don't hurt or anything, they are just puffy! Clint is starting to realize all the pain I have to go through :) Luckily nothing else is swollen...well other than my belly.

Edit - I just took my shoes and socks off and boy are they swollen more and sausage like! Blah!

Food: I had to get checked out today so I got Pizza King for dinner! Delish!

Symptoms: Nothing new from last week or what I already mentioned.

Movement: He just keeps swimming, just keeps swimming. I bet he knows what goldfish in a bowl feel like. Not a lot of room!

Things We Bought/Did: The baby room is about as ready as it's going to be. Last weekend when it was warm, I finished a project I had started a while back. We have a couple living room walls that are large and blank. Wall decorations can get pretty expensive especially for larger areas. So I found a cool project on Pinterest. Clint finally got around to hanging them this weekend. What do you think?

My mom knew I was going to attempt this project around Christmas time so she bought me a dremel set...looks a lot like this:
Basically it sands the wood down using the different tools. First I stained the wood. Then I drew the design I wanted on the plywood. Then I used the dremel to sand back down to the original color of the plywood. It was really pretty easy! About a two hour project. Maybe even less. Now the big empty wall is covered! No more echo!

To wrap things up, here is a comparison to how I looked 10 and 20 weeks ago!

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