Cat vs. Kitten

As you all know (or if I have new fans, then you don't), my beloved cat named Jack died last year. He was an awesome cat and I was very sad when he was gone. Clint never wanted a cat and when he came home and found Jack upstairs, let's just say he wasn't thrilled! Well, he adjusted and soon he was carrying Jack around the house singing "My buddy! My buddy! Wherever I go, he goes! My buddy!" Pretty much the best thing ever!

Well, I have had the itch to get another cat for quite a while. I knew that I wanted to wait until we moved because I know moving can be hard for pets sometimes. I also just had a lot going on. Well, now things are settled and I want to get a cat! My mom has two awesome cats named Mercury and Persephone. 

They are Oriental Shorthairs. At first I thought they were a little crazy but then I realized they were the coolest cats ever! However, Oriental Shorthairs usually only come from breeders and they are around $500. Each. Yeah, ridiculous. The are cool because they are really outgoing which is a plus for our crazy dog. I don't want a lazy or scared cat that can't cut it with ZoBo. They also do not shed! Bonus! Clint said I can get the cats if I find a way to make an thousand dollars. Well, if it was easy there wouldn't be so many homeless people now would there?

So I started looking online at craigslist and pet shelters and such. I found these cute kittens on craigslist today.

Now I have a predicament. Even as I write this Clint keeps telling me to save up to get the cool cats. Who knows?


  1. Get the free kitties! Who needs $500 cats?!?! Shelter kitties are the way to go. And anyway, save the $1000 for our sister vacays!

  2. Hey, I need $500 cats! They are cool - but hard to find. You might be able to get a siamese - one of the kind with the same body shape (I think they're called modern siamese)like this one: that's where Oriental Shorthairs get their body shape and personality. Another cool kind of cat is an Abyssinian. They are hilarious - busybodies like our cats.

    But any cat is better than no cat! Those little guys look awfully cute! I love kitties!

  3. I actually found orientals for $200! And there's a discount for 2! I just don't think I want a kitten that has sharp claws and teeth and scratches everything! We'll see!

  4. I think that's a good deal -- and it's not too far (we had to drive to Anderson to meet our breeder half way) -- it's a good Saturday drive!