California Roadtrip: San Diego

For my last day in California, mom and I went to the San Diego Zoo! It is only about an hour away so not too much time in the car (because obviously by now I was a bit over car rides!). We even splurged on the fun drink with straws! Warning: there are a lot of pictures. I didn't feel like picking through, so I just uploaded them all!
We rode the Skyfari across the park.

View from above.

Our awesome beverage!

A hot polar bear.

A very phallic looking light pole.

Mom does not like warthogs.



A very large hippo butt.


These dudes are HUGE!

So cute!

I freakin loved the porcupine!

Someone's stuck.

I love lemurs!

Rhino explosion.

That's where the explosion came from.

This was like 5 feet in front of us!

All the cats at the zoo were in a pacing mood.

The lions were the only lazy cats.

One of the prettiest animals there!!

Also gorgeous!

Fun Day!!
The San Diego Zoo is gigantic! However, they don't have the most impressive animals all around. Their bears are extra lame-o! They also have so many monkeys and birds! Except no chimpanzees! What the heck!

Fun day though!


  1. 1. You are OOC with the pictures. LONGEST POST EVER.

    2. I love how mom is trying to look all model-y and artistic on the sky tram thing.

    3. I thought the hippo butt was yours. Thanks for clarifying.

    4. I can't believe you took a picture of a phallic light post. I'm so proud.

    5. How can you NOT like warthogs? "Are you aching??? (yep, yep) For some bacon?? (yep, yep) He's a big pig!! (yep, yep) You could be a big pig too! Ooh!"

    6. I had more comments but your post was so dang long I forgot them!

  2. Warthogs are ugly. I can't believe she took a picture of rhino poop, although it was a huge pile. I was NOT trying to look all model-y.

  3. in case you want to buy it.

  4. EW. I only like warthogs alive. And preferably in Disney form and singing. Like this:

    And you were SO trying to be model-y. I would know. I do it all the time.