California Roadtrip: Long Beach

Well after all the crazy driving, we got back to Long Beach at about 4 or 5 in the morning! Long day!! We rested at mom's house with her crazy cats on Sunday. 

 Monday, mom and I went to two beaches! I forget the name of the first one. When we were in China Town, mom bought a cool jellyfish kite. We set it up by our towels and let it fly!

Everyone was kiteboarding! It looked awesome!
 We left the first beach after getting some sun and swimming in the ocean (which was actually perfect temperature!!). We then headed over to Seal Beach. We checked out the beach shops and had a HUGE brownie sundae!

The pier at Seal Beach.
 Seal Beach was packed but it was also very windy and quite chilly. So we layed in the sand and people watched for a while.

While in Long Beach we also went to see Harry Potter. There was a neat cardboard scene and mom made me her photo subject!

Fun times!

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