California Roadtrip: San Francisco

Keeping with the roadtrip theme, mom, Dale, and I left Lindsay's house in Chico, and we started the long 8 hour drive back to Long Beach. Well, we had decided before that we would leave early so we could make a few stops on the way. Our first stop was San Francisco, which was only 3 hours away. We stopped at the Golden gate Bridge first. It was quite foggy and pretty chilly!

Checking out Alcatraz!

Mom had to borrow Dale's shirt since it was cold! Aren't they cute?

My favorite gift item...should have bought it!
Then we headed to China Town!
Mom, you look beautiful!

Mom's favorite purchase!
A scary ninja store!
 We then drove to Lombard Street, which was pretty awesome!

Then we found the house from Full House and Mrs. Doubtfire.

The streets of San Fran were so ridiculous! 

We ended the San Fransisco tour by going to Pier 39.

Seals and more seals!

Alcatraz from afar.

My cool hat I bought at one of the shops.

The Giant's baseball stadium...that is for Dad.
I had wanted to go see Alcatraz but it was sold out until the middle of August :(

If you ever want to see San Fransisco in only a few hours, check out the spots we went to! Lots of fun in only four hours or so!

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