You can find me in St. Louis

This past weekend my cousin Erik got married! He lives in St. Louis so we took half-days on Friday and drove over early to enjoy the evening rather than drive there and have to go right to sleep or even leave in the morning and be rushed. Well, mistake number 1 was I70. We both had forgotten that it was under construction from Plainfield to Terre Haute. So we sat on 70 for maybe 3 miles which equaled 30 minutes. I decided to bail because traffic can stress me out. I had to make the sole decision because of course Clint was passed out! We headed to Washington Street/40 and were free of traffic at last! It took us almost 2 hours to get to the Haute.

We ended up making good time (probably because there were zero cops on the way and I drove in a little caravan going about 75) and got there in 4 hours. We checked in at our hotel, the Pear Tree Inn near the airport. Dad called us a little while later (while Clint was napping) and said he wanted to take us to Hard Rock for dinner. We agreed to meet in his lobby and head out. Once I dragged Clint out of the bed, we headed over and I couldn't find dad. I called and asked where he was. He said he was in the lobby of the Marriott. I said, oh. This isn't the Marriott next to us. I told him we were by the airport and he said they were downtown. Oops. Luckily the Pear Tree people were nice and said they were ok with us switching. Then they saw we booked through Travelocity and said that we had to call them to get the switchy switch done. They told me know but then Clint called back and they said yes. What the heck. Oh well, whatever. We then switched to the right hotel.

There was crazy traffic to get from the airport to downtown because they had 70 closed at night. Finally we arrived downtown. We were both kind of tired at that point and didn't feel like driving around anymore. So we ordered pizza that was in a nice STL magazine. Well, that pizza was pure nasty. Boo.

My other cousin Josh texted me and told me that he wanted to go to the casino that night. I have only been to one in my life (and it was in a tiny western town in CO), so I thought it might be fun. We made it to the casino after more traffic. All three of us put $20 in the slot machines and both boys lost their money and I cashed out around then with $22! Winner!  Josh scoped out a poker table he wanted to join and put his name in. We walked around checking out the place and played a little more slots. Josh's name came up on the poker game so Clint and I wandered around some more. Clint wanted to play Roulette but the tables were all packed and he doesn't like big crowds. We ended up at more slots and Clint lost more money and I would get several good pulls but before I knew it, I was down to .25! Yikes! Well, I hit the big one on that last quarter! I went all the way to $35! I played a little longer and quit at $42.10. Winner winner chicken dinner! Josh and Clint both left losers. I was money bags!

Saturday was the big wedding and the reception was pretty fun. They had a cool fish eye camera set up for everyone to use. They had props for you to use. The special thing about this camera is that you lean real close and it has a rounded lens to make the picture a little different. Here are some of the pics of my family:

Are these not awesome?!?!


  1. hahahahah!! That one of your g-ma is hilarious, and your Dad's is pretty dang funny, too!!

  2. I LOVE these pictures. They are SO funny. Grandma and Dad are the cutest!!!