New Kittens!

So last week I finally found a lady who had some Oriental Shorthair kittens available that I loved! I had trouble finding kittens that were not all white or all black or even oriental shorthair at all. But I finally did! I talked with the lady and set up a plan to get the kittens on Wednesday of my Fall Break. A fun little roadtrip to Chicago with my sister Hilary. Well, this lady had surgery planned for the following Friday and had some surprise doctor's appointments for that Wednesday. So she called me last Saturday and asked if I could come pick them up a few days early! Of course! I couldn't wait!

Clint was busy working that Saturday but was more than willing to leave work early and go with me on the trip. 
As you can tell, he was really thrilled!

The lady I got the cats from suggested that we meet at the O'Hare Oasis. I googled it and printed the directions and off we went! Well, we made it to Chicago pretty quick. However, we accidentally took 90 through downtown Chicago which was a disaster! Well, it wasn't an accident, the directions told us to go that way. Then once we finally got to 294 we took an exit that was seriously 1 minute before our actual destination (we didn't know this til later). We drove around looking for our destination and called the lady but she wasn't answering! I was getting really frustrated at this point because we were pushing almost an hour late now! I finally got a hold of the lady and she didn't really know where we were at the time (later she figured it out - she wasn't from the area). She told me that we weren't supposed to even get off 294, because the oasis was actually a rest stop thing on the interstate at the toll road! Duh! I wished that she had told me this before! Clint talked to her for a while and we finally made it to the oasis and we got the kitties!

The brown one is the little boy and the gray one is the little girl!

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