Catch up!

You would think that with the whole summer off, blogging would be easy to do! However, I have had college classes that take up a lot of time and a vacation to the Outer Banks in NC (in addition to all the goofing off I normally do that takes up a lot of time!). So I will try to write several posts that will publish over the next few days. Gotta keep you in suspense!

While we were in OBX, Lindsay's roommate watched Owen. He's not real hard to take care of...just refill his water and give him a handful of lettuce! Here he is at Lindsay's. Notice the snug fit inside his log:

When I first got Owen, he was about 6 inches long and weighed 1 pound. Now he is about 7 inches long and maybe a little over a pound and a half. That may not seem like much, but if you have seen him recently, you would know that he is almost too big for his log. Since I bought the KL log, I can't get a bigger one. So, being the genius that I am, I decided to add stilts to his log! He now has a whole inch added to his hideout!

Works perfect! Now he isn't squished or carrying his log on his back! I can't wait for the 1st graders to meet him! They'll be so excited! I also think he prefers all the noise and attention; he roams around his cage more. Only 1 more month left!

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  1. You didn't even mention that your LOVELY HUSBAND CLINT fixed up the log! Geesh! But yay for Owen!