OBX Vacation

Dad decided a few months ago that we were all going to go on a Family Vacation. He just loves having his daughters around him :) He booked a house on the beach in Nags, NC which is located on the Outer Banks. The weather was great and the water was warm!!

The waves were great for body boarding...especially the last two days!

Unfortunately there was nothing exciting on the beach. The pier was for fishing and you even had to pay just to 'sight see'. Clint did get free hot dogs here though!

We went on a dolphin boat tour one evening. We saw a lot of dolphins! Most of the time they were mating. Don't believe me? Watch my stepmom's video!

Very nice beach. Not crowded, which was nice and it was clean and flat. Two good points in my book.

Clint passed out, which he did for over half the trip. He sleeps all the time!

Dad checking out the dolphins.

Cool sand creation. These people have a cool job.

Clint and I being awesome.

At the sand dunes.

See! I told you sleeps all the time!

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  1. Hahahaha. Love the pics! Had such a good time! Can't wait for next year's vacay!