Zoe's new friend

While we stayed in OBX, my friend Emily was SOOOOOO kind to watch our monster dog Zoe. Emily and John came over to our house a couple months ago for dinner and they brought their cutie pie bulldog, Violet, over. Zoe wanted to play with her so bad, but Violet seemed very uninterested.

Well, when it came time for vacation we had nowhere to leave Zoe other than Camp Bow Wow. She has stayed there a couple times but only for 3 days....that place isn't too cheap. So after trying everyone we knew, I decided to ask Emily, hoping that Violet would like Zoe better since she was coming to her house.

After Zoe ate a bar of soap the day before we left, we took her to Emily with a warning. Not too long after dropping her off, the soap came out. Then came out some more. and then some more. Then all over Violet's back! Yikes!

Emily sent several cute pictures that I'll share here:

Overall, Emily said they were crazy but pretty good. I am sure it was definitely way more crazy than good but Emily is too nice to say that our dog is WACKO! :)

Thanks Emily!!!

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  1. Glad you've realized she's a monster. And the barf...disgusto. BUT! She and Violet look like cute little besties!