School stuff

I have my classroom all set up for the new school year! I am really excited and nervous about going back to first grade! They are such babies :) Especially leaving kids that are going on to 3rd grade. I am excited though! I have lots of new things in my room and new plans I have been looking through on the internet that I am excited to implement.

My garden from last year was pretty good minus the TONS of weeds that grew. We had 2 full bags of lettuce. Owen ate most of it but Clint had a salad...even with a fresh grown radish! We had two large green bean plants that I just pulled Wednesday. I have no idea what they are supposed to look like but we'll see what they taste like! Our pumpkins are ginormous! They overtook the whole garden once school let out. The weeds also did too! I pulled a large trashbag full of weeds over 2 days this week and put the fence back up to contain the vines. The good news from it all: 5 pumpkins are growing! I'm not talking small either! I was really hoping for 6, so each class could have one this fall, but we'll deal with!


  1. I like how you're driving a bunch of eggs in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Very cool :)

    Nice pumpkins!

  2. The picture of you driving the bus is waaaay to cute! I love it.