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My (nerdy) family has recently become obsessed with a new hobby called geocaching. You can go here to check it out and read all about it but I'll give a brief overview real quick. Basically you get yourself a handheld gps.

I have a Magellan eXplorist GC.

You first have to create an account on the website and then you can hook up you GPS and download locations. At these locations, there are hidden caches or containers. In the cache is a log that you write your name and date on. Sometimes there are prizes or geo "tokens". You then log that you found the cache on your account and your number of finds increases. You are basically looking for a small container in a small area that your gps lead you to. Some are really easy to find while others are really hard. Sometimes you can't even find them the first try.

It's a global scavenger hunt!

So far I have 14 caches, Ange has 19, Lindsay has 50, and Dale has 117. Mom isn't registered but she pretty much spots all of them before all of us and ruins it! Hilary hasn't registered yet but she has the same as me (if she registers them!).

Yesterday I downloaded about 20 new locations into my gps that I hope to find soon! The goal: "cache" up to Dale!


  1. well,your big advantage is being off for the summer!! Up until now, Dale's big advantage has been unemployment, LOL -- but he's hard at work getting the house ready to sell, so you should be passing him up fast.

  2. Hahahaha. Funny pun and mom's funny comment. So funny that we blogged about the same thing at the same time!