Beckham - 48 Weeks

Little big man is 48 weeks old! He is getting closer to being back to his normal, healthy self finally! His pink eye came back just a bit in one eye last weekend but I think it has cleared up now. Currently I am on the plane, flying to Hawaii ;) so if his eye isn't clear, Aunt Lindsay will have fun getting his eye drops in!

Likes: knocking over towers of blocks, playing with Parker, being chased while crawling, trying to pet the cat, anything we are eating, Parker's sippy cups (though he hasn't quite figured out how to get anything out of them), feeding the dog/throwing his food on the floor

Dislikes: laying still for diaper changes

What's New in the Last Week: He has got clapping down! He loves to wave to everyone, except it's this silly "stick your arm straight out and hold it stiff" wave.

 The day before we left he took several steps! He took the littlest baby steps and it was so cute! 

He rode the train at Greenwood Mall and he loved it! He was grinning so big and hung his head out of the window the whole ride. And of course he waved to everyone :)

I may see if Lindsay wants to do a guest post for his weekly update next week since she's in charge until we get back! That is, if she is still alive from over exhaustion ;)

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