Beckham - 45 Weeks

Likes: throwing his toys on the floor (from his car seat, the stroller, the shopping cart, everywhere!), feeding the dog his food, getting into mischief, petting the dog, trying to pet the cat, bouncing, crawling after people, talking to people on the phone

Dislikes: being held very much, still doesn't like eggs

What's New in the Last Week: Well he developed another fever - 102.2 :( I ended up bring Parker to the doctor because his ear hurt and of course, another ear infection. He checked Beckham's ears and no infection yet. He gave me a prescription in case he gets worse this weekend, so I have my fingers crossed! **Well I wrote that this morning and then his fever went up to 103* so I called the doctor and he told me to go ahead and fill the prescription. So he started that tonight and still has a fever. Hopefully he'll start the upward swing tomorrow!

Other than that, he's just been exploring the entire house, chasing after Parker and trying to get everything he has! Parker is pretty good about that most of the time!

poor little sick sickie

so much sleeping this week

But there's a smile!

Drop it like it's hot!

Baby dino rain coat...that we've had to use so much this week!

Parker is really into "Man Against the Machine" by Garth Brooks, so he had to introduce Beckham to the song...clearly he liked it because he was gettin down!

We were all laying in bed resting due to being we were playing peekaboo! He kept pulling the blanket up but I couldn't really catch it on video.

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