Beckham: 47 Weeks

Wouldn't you know that little man is sick in both these pictures? Two Fridays ago I updated and Beckham had just gotten sick with a fever. He ended up with an ear infection. Over that weekend he was tired and puny. As the week went on he started having a lot of drainage and congestion. Then on Mother's Day he ended up with a lot of goop in his eyes. As the day went on it got worse so we ended up taking him to the Express Care and womp womp...double pink eye. We got eye drops and started them that night. The next day his eyes were already getting better though he was still snotty and wimpy. That evening he started having a really bad cough. Several times in the middle of the night he woke up with a croupy bark like cough, which we are familiar with since Parker has had croup several times. So we did the shower steam first and then in the early morning I sat with him outside. The next morning he had a fever again and was just dripping green snot! So we went back to the doctor and he had another ear infection :( The doctor said that if he gets another we may have to think about doing tubes since he's had 4 ear infections since January...well 5 if count the double one.

Today I think we are finally starting to get better. His nose is still runny but so much less than even yesterday. He hasn't had a fever in a couple of days and his eyes haven't had any drainage. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that we are finished with sickness in this house for a while!

morning walk today
sick baby boy

sick but still smiley

visiting Grandma Gail for lunch
In the past 2-3 weeks Beckham has had 4 goose eggs from standing or pulling up and then falling. He is such a(n innocent) troublemaker that I swear I'm always hovering over him so he doesn't crash and hurt his head I bought one of these funny foam helmets. Parker is obsessed with making sure he's wearing it and Beckham could care less that it's on. So it's pretty much a win win all around - as long as he's wearing it. Because of course on Mother's Day, as soon as we got home from breakfast he bit the dust in the driveway and got a huge goose egg. 
crash helmet! 

walking at Eagle Creek

playing at a family wedding

beautiful weather for an outdoor reception

hanging out

Mr. Safety Helmet

I love when he sleeps like this!

looking for Bob Bob

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