33 Weeks

Last Saturday marked 33 weeks along in this second pregnancy. I am getting close to the end but some days I wish were already the end ;)

Since my updates haven't been as frequent, I'd thought I do a little rundown similar to my first pregnancy!

Sleep: Other than when we get to bed late or Coco Puff barks her face off, I have been getting really good sleep! I don't have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night most nights so it's nice getting as much sleep as I can. Some nights, well, most the baby won't stop moving so it takes a bit to fall asleep.

Body Changes: I have gained about 25 pounds which is about similar to last time. My ideal goal was to be between 30-35 total, so I think I'm doing fine. I also don't seem to mind as much this time...maybe because I know I can get in a good exercise routine after the baby comes and I'll be off all next year to give me time to get back to where I want. Also, weight gain isn't the end of the world when I am more worried about being tired ;)

Food: I haven't had any food aversions or cravings this whole time, which is similar to last time. I still have to watch portion size because I will pay for it otherwise!

Symptoms: Is being winded a symptom? Stairs are killer these days and like last time I am cursing my school for being two floors and the fact that I am downstairs is just cruel. Also, I am normally a very quick walker and being pregnant is not a natural reminder for me to slow down, so once I start huffing and puffing I realize I should just walk slower. I haven't started getting swollen yet so that is a good thing.  When I had my 20 week ultrasound I noticed that my stomach was sensitive on both sides of my belly button and the ultrasound was a little uncomfortable. When I had my 30 week ultrasound, let's just it was quite painful! My doctor wasn't sure if it was the ligaments or just the stretched muscles but I am kind of glad I don't need another ultrasound.

I think I have also started having some Braxton Hicks type contractions. I never had any last time but I never had anything that could have been them. This time, in the last week, I have had quite a few small but definitely noticeable contractions. Guess we'll see if they turn into anything real!

Movement: This baby has been twice as active as Parker was when I was pregnant with him. I am really not joking when I say that he moves nearly all hours of the day. The last week or so has brought on the more serious kicks and jabs. My ribs and left side have turned into a serious punching bag as well as the front right by my belly button.

Things We've Bought or Did: Since spring break we have been super busy! The library is coming along and I would like to do an update on it soon. It is used every day and we love that is a family space. I washed and put away all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes we saved and have purchased or received. So the dresser is full and ready to go! I went through Parker's current clothes and packed up his long sleeve shirts and his too short 2T pants. With Indiana spring, I kept some pants since the weather changes frequently. I also packed up some smaller 2T jammies and shirts. Now he has lots of room for all his 3T clothes. Speaking of those, I went to the consignment sale in Danville a couple weeks ago and hit the jackpot! Some times, those sales are hit and miss but I really got some good deals and nice clothes. I spent about $180 and got 80 items. I think 75 were clothing pieces so I spent about $2 an item and pretty much have his entire summer wardrobe ready. Plus he received several new outfits for his birthday. We are set for a while!

We decided to order a bed and crib because a stained set would be too dark. So we bought a white crib:

and blue bunk beds:

I am so excited about the bunk beds but can't believe we will have to hold on to the top one for two years or so! I can't wait for them to get here later this week :)

With the weather being so nice this weekend, we did a little yard maintenance and work. We've had a couple fire pit bowls since being married but those things just never last. So we used this image I found on Pinterest:

 along with the tutorial for the fire pit. We already had a few large cinder blocks from taking out the pool, so we made the bench too. We enjoyed a fire Sunday evening and roasted hot dogs, which Parker was so excited about! I foresee lots of evenings outside this summer!

Well that about sums up our life right now! I go back to the doctor next week where I get checked to see if I have dilated or anything. Scary to believe that the end is really near...well the end of this pregnancy ;)

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