30 Weeks

Yesterday officially marked 30 weeks! Next week we will be down to double digits! Yikes!

Of course Parker likes to be a part of any picture I take but he makes it much cuter :)

This Friday we have our next ultrasound so we are definitely excited about that! Everything has been going really well and also really fast! I can't believe I am already to week 30! 

We have been super busy around the house the last few weeks trying to get lots of small projects/unfinished business completed so that we won't have anything to worry about once the new babe gets here. 

The boys' room is pretty much done. I may add a few more decorative touches but overall it's good! I was able to get a few coats of a clear coat on the dresser to keep it protected so I have started filling the drawers. I have been buying diapers and wipes the last couple months to try to get a small stash ready so I am glad I have some place to put those things.

I got out all of Parker's old newborn clothes from the basement and need to get those washed soon and then out away. It seems like not that long ago that he was wearing all those clothes! How can he be turning three this weekend?!

Now that we are almost to May, I better get hospital bags packed and ready soon! Last time I kept telling Clint to do it but he didn't listen! So when we went to the hospital, I threw some clothes in a bag only for him to find a too-small shirt ;) He says he learned his lesson, but I'll let you know when he gets his bag packed ;)

 The other day at school I thought my belly was looking very basketball-like so I snapped a quick pic. I definitely haven't gained weight in other areas like last time. Not complaining obviously, but it just looks kind of funny!

Speaking of last time...here is a quick comparison! Not a huge difference. I think my face looks a lot less full than last time and my belly is a little more round this time but the baby seems to be in about the same spot and my belly is about the same size. 

I plan to update with my ultrasound pics and video from our appointment on Friday so check back then!

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