Recap in Pictures

Since I missed the last four months of blogging, and I am home with Parker who has a fever, I thought I'd make a few quick collages of pictures!


We went to California so half of these pictures are from this trip - getting his own headphones for the plane, playing and sleeping in the sand, and getting ice cream by the beach! We also went to the pumpkin patch with my dad! He started his cave (not forts!) obsession and we made his costume for Halloween.


In November we got a new puppy that we named Piper but Parker decided Coco Puff was a better name! We decorated for Christmas and went to the tree lighting downtown and stayed in a hotel - which Parker loved! We moved his teepee into his room which is where he sleeps occasionally. He is a total bug lover - he catches the stink bugs that come in from the chimney and lets them out with their friends and in the picture at the bottom he's chatting with a giant spider.


I hardly had any photos from December but I think that's because I was so tired from being pregnant and I had a lot of family in town. Also, my sister takes a brazillion pictures so I didn't. I better go to her Facebook and save some :) December brought Parker's newest trend...nose picking! Luckily after about two weeks it started to fade somewhat. He also really started to get into PB&J sandwiches...especially as a shishkabob. He got lots of fun games and toys for Christmas; he really loves board games now like Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Hi Ho Cherry-O, and The Sneaky Squirrel game.


 January brought on sleep issues - he seems like he still needs a nap but many nights he stays up late because he just can't fall asleep. So many nights we find him in the hall just waiting quietly. We also rode the train at Greenwood Mall twice and he loved it! We've also had some nicer weather that called for a visit to the park!

I will try to update a few more times this month!

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