A New Year!

Well 2015 is in the books, and I let my blog ring in the new year alone :/ oops! 

I partly have some good reasons...Not long after school started Zoe got sick and we had to put her to sleep which I did find time to blog about here. I also updated with some of our end of summer activities. After that...life got too busy or I just got busy with our life...and I'm ok with that! I have tried to detach from online activity/social media because before we had Parker it didn't really matter a huge amount...but now, I would rather spend time with him than a screen or other people's lives. 

Which kind of brings me to this...

I meant to update the blog in November after we announced that we were expecting another baby but oops (I think I may need another word for oops)!

Currently I am 21 weeks along and we are expecting a baby boy around June 18th!

So far I am feeling pretty good overall. Early on I was really tired but that finally went away during Christmas break when I had some time off. Lately I have had a love/hate relationship with food. I go from feeling really full from a small meal until the last minute I am then feeling starved. It has been hard to control my portions! 

We finally told Parker about getting a brother just the other day and so far he seems more interested in how the baby is going to get out! He is always concerned about details!

left at 21 weeks with Parker...right 21 weeks now

I would like to try to update a little more often from here on out, so feel free to pester me ;) 

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