Life with a One Year Old

I used to say that when a baby turns one you probably stop calling them a baby and start calling them a toddler. I also thought you would call them a toddler if they were walking. Well, Parker started walking at ten and a half months...and now he is one but he's still my baby  :)

I took a personal day on his birthday and we had a great day together! We even had a picnic lunch in the family room in the sunshine!

Chicken nuggets and fruit? Yum!

Once daddy got home we hit up one of our favorite spots...El Meson! This is his thoughtful pose..."Can't believe I am one now!"

Jennifer bought the cutest wagon at a yard sale last year and we went over to her house after Parker's birthday party. Mike pulled Parker, Griffin, and Ady all over the yard...they all were loving it!

I was so busy thinking about Parker's birthday party that I kind of forgot about Easter a little bit...thankfully he didn't realize that his basket had one book and empty eggs!

We went to Clint's parents for Easter lunch. He had some fun chasing bubbles from his aunt Dee.

I threw a couple empty eggs in the grass to see if he would find them.

He found all of them and put them in his basket! The competition was fierce!

He got this cute outfit in his Easter basket from Grandma & Grandpa Reed,

We have been going on walks almost every night after dinner and Parker really enjoys riding in his truck and honking his horn.

I love that he looks around and seems so interested!

The last couple of days Parker has been sticking his tongue out...he cracks up when I stick mine out too!

He loves going in the laundry room and closing the doors. Then he plays peek-a-boo between the panes or just hits them and giggles!

So happy it's spring :)

Clint & I bought him a slide for his birthday and set it up in the basement. He loves climbing up it way more than going down it!

He finally figured out that he could do the stairs now!

The other big thing he does now is point! He points at everything now! I ask where daddy or the cat are and he looks around and points at them! At dinner he points when he wants more...even though I have been trying to teach him the word and sign for more.

It was raining tonight when we were at Menards so he was watching daddy get the truck!

He loves to go and hide in the curtains and he loves it even more when Clint asks where Parker went.

One of my new favorite videos :)

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