52 Weeks

Exactly 52 weeks ago Parker was born! Tomorrow is his big birthday and I can't believe that a year has already gone by!

Likes: giggling, chasing the cat and dog, being chased by mommy & daddy, paint rollers and Swiffers, big spoons, balls of all sizes, exploring, pushing buttons, fruit

Dislikes: getting new teeth (three are trying to come in up top)

What's New in the Last Week: other than finally being healthy and getting ready to turn o-n-e not much has changed :)

Last weekend we wen to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Though he isn't showing it...he did enjoy the swing!

I bought some balloons for his pictures last Saturday...he couldn't keep his eyes off of them!

obsessed with the balloons

He likes to comb his hair.

His first Easter basket..thanks Jean!

he loves the wagon...with balloons

thirsty after that walk!

I found a good deal on the snail rocker at a resale...he loves it! especially the antennae

rocking his Michael Jackson onesie from Lindsay...he's the king of poop Pop
always helping dad

These are some of my favorite videos of him!

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