51 Weeks

I got an extra day with my little P man because he had a stomach bug and a fever yesterday which he then gave to daddy...so momma had to stay home to take care of both babies! Parker started out slow this morning but he is definitely feeling better. So much better that he keeps trying to help me type!

Likes: when I jump out and scare him, splashing, typing, tickles, woofing, playing in the wagon, when daddy gets home, climbing, running down the hills in the yard, teasing Zoe, banging on the sliding door, pulling things off shelves

Dislikes: getting woken up

What's New in the Last Week: he knew how to climb things a few weeks ago but this week he has shown an interest in climbing everything and he shows a lot more cognitive abilities...it's so neat to see him understand things so much more now

enjoying the nice weather after coming home from our trip

just chillin in his car today

being sick wears him out...but he's still so smiley!

passed out on the floor while staying home with pops

laughing because he won't eat his veggies...and he wiped pears all over his hair

he loved being on daddy's shoulders

talking to Zoe

feeling so much better today

him and Zoe eating snacks

Mr. Climber

I started a post about our trip to California but haven't finished it since I have to take care of all these sick babies!

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