Beckham - Twelve Months

Happy birthday Beckham!
Big boy is 1 year old today and so happy about it!

When I tried to take his monthly picture, he kept throwing the giraffe on the floor and laughing about it! He just loves to do his own thing!

He got to enjoy a little slice of birthday cake! He just stared at it for a bit and then ate tiny bits of icing. So then i kind of cut it and he ate a small chunk but then was kind of over it. So I put it back in the little box and he started putting all the crumbs in too. So I guess he was over it!

I loved at the end of the video when he realized "Hey! This icing tastes kind of good!"

Measurements: He weighed 21.6 pounds on Sunday and is 28 inches tall. We go to the doctor tomorrow for Beckham and Parker's yearly well check so I'll see if those are right! He is still wearing 12 month sized clothing but I am guessing that he will fit into 18 month sized clothes pretty soon. His feet seem to be a tad smaller than Parker's were...he would probably wear between a 2 and 3 in shoes.

Milestones: He started walking the day before we left for Hawaii (May 23rd) and has been cruising ever since! He loves clapping...especially when he sees/hears other people doing it or he hears "Yay!" He also says: "uh oh, mama, dada, Bob Bob". He has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth. The bottom teeth are pretty close to being fully exposed but the top 2 are still pretty hidden.

Schedule: Generally he wakes up around 7am, although lately he's been waking up at 6 or 6:30 :( He eats breakfast around 7 or 7:30 with Parker - usually yogurt, fruit (bananas or blueberries), and a waffle (or half). Depending on when he woke up, I also feed him once in the morning.

He takes his first nap around 10am and it's usually 30-45 minutes.

We eat lunch about noon. He is so into food that he pretty much eats anything. He is also really good at feeding himself and chewing so I don't have to make the tiniest bites anymore. I also feed him around lunch time.

He takes another nap around 2:30 and sleeps anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two. He then takes another feeding around mid afternoon.

We eat dinner around 6pm - although sometimes he seems like he's ready to eat a little earlier which can actually be a little helpful for him to eat first. I feed him around 7:15 and he is in bed by 7:30. He sleeps all night until either 4ish or 6ish. For some reason he doesn't usually wake up at 5. I'm glad that he wakes up at 6 since that is about when he'll have to wake up when I go back to work!

He is a quick animation of all twelve months!

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