Beckham - 51 Weeks

The penultimate weekly blog post! Next week my baby boy will be one! 

(our many tries to get a picture!)

Likes: waffles, blueberries, crackers, pretty much all food, clapping, water (baths, shower, pool, water table), getting into mischief, babbling, throwing things on the floor (pacifier when in his crib, food when in his high chair)

Dislikes: eggs, not being free to run around

What's New in the Last Week: He slaps his forehead like "Whoops!" 
He likes to hand everyone things, 
He loves waving to everyone!
His walking is getting really good! He is getting speedy. He can also change directions without falling and bend down to pick up things and stand back up.

Like I said, he likes to escape! So I hooked his walker up to the dog leash :D He loved being able to roam in the garage while we did a few things. 

 Yum! Rice & beans!

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