Beckham - 52 Weeks

The last weekly photo and blog for my little nugget Beckham! My how he has grown!

Likes: blueberries - almost all fruit, waffles, goldfish, peekaboo, his pacifier, animals, opening and closing doors and cabinets, trying to escape diaper or clothing changes, his daddy, the pool, playing with Parker, showers & baths

Dislikes: things getting taken from him, not getting fed fast enough or having an empty plate

What's New in the Last Week: His walking speed has gone to super speedy! He got his first real haircut!

Here is a quick animation of almost all the weekly pictures! Week 30 is saved on my desktop which is in the basement and I don't feel like going to retrieve it ;) And the animation only hold 50 photos so I also left off this weeks since it is above. And for some annoying reason it keeps putting week 15 first  :|

He does the funniest things!

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