23 Month Update

I'm a little behind on the blogging front over here but I have been super busy as of late. Obviously I take plenty of pictures and videos but finding the time to upload and share them is where I slack! I will blame school, toddler life, and house work. Or just lazy bones!

Parker will be 2 next month! Where has the time gone? I keep thinking of the saying "The days are long, but the years are short" and it is so accurate. I randomly catch glimpses of Parker and see how big he is getting or how much older he is looking and I feel like everything has just flashed by in a minute! It's crazy how slow time moves when you're young but when you get older it goes so quickly! 

| ok end sappy reminiscing |

from February

his favorite way to sleep in the car

he loves Sandy, the horse at Meijer, but he is too scared to ride her

he loved the big snow we had and riding in his sled

At first he kept getting stuck because there was so much snow but then he thought it was funny!

watching a movie with Zoe

we had a little lunch date at El Meson and he was diggin the music!

He loves wearing gloves or mittens and using his tools so why not use both?

from March

One day after going out I came back from putting my things away to see him putting his gloves, hat, and coat away. Like a big boy. Sigh.

eating snacks at Griffin's birthday party 


he loves to feed Zoe...and dress himself in accessories and my shoes

my child is a lunatic!

he loves Hilary's old horses

Parker said "Griffin, look! Barns!" so precious!

he has to do what we do ♥

calling daddy on his calculator phone

eating rice krispies in his fort

cuddled with Lucy

my love!

the best bed head ever

sneaking to get marshmallows

how can I resist when I love them too!?

his kitties were thirsty

we woke up the next morning to this

this is how potty training is going

He loves to say green means stop since I taught him green means go and red means stop. He thinks he's such a goober!

When we were coming home from a long trip I would roll my window down and my hair would blow around and he was dying laughing!

his favorite position

he loves the peg game at Cracker Barrel

likes to read the comics like daddy
We had our first ER visit a couple weeks ago. He came into our room in the middle of the night hardly breathing. So we hurried up and took him and by the time we got there he was much better. Just a case of croup.

playing with the gloves helped but sure wanted to go home!
In just under a month we will be celebrating birthday number two! I just love this little boy so much!!

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