22 Months

Even though I am still posting Parker's monthly updates, I have pretty much stopped saying how old he is in months...although I don't call him a 2 year old yet. Clint has been for a while. I guess since his birthday is only two months away now is as good a time as any. Sigh...he's so big now. 

see? he's such a grown up!
In the last month...
he gained a pound...he now weighs 25 pounds (26 if he eats a giant meal)
his vocabulary has continued to grow rapidly...he repeats things like no one's business which in turn has taught us a few lessons. He likes to say the word dang-it. oops. But he also loves the word yikes, oops, pow, bonk, and several other words that only have meaning when he shrieks them.
he has started to eat some foods better...like tacos and sandwiches. Those foods are hard for kids!
he had a bad stomach bug that he passed to Clint...both were down and out for a few days.
he has remembered things that he only saw/did once or was exposed to a long time ago...which seems so amazing to me that he is getting such a good memory!
he has pretty much given up baths...he now prefers showers so he can play baseball (aka basketball...he just would rather call it baseball).

sick baby boy

he loves to play games...Rummikub, Connect 4, Yahtzee - of course he plays his way
he loves sitting by the fire in his chair

snow time!

a random nice day

playing with leaves that never fell

Mr. Fancy Pants

covered up with momma's blankie

Mr. Bear

Heart pizza for Valentine's Day

bedtime reading

tearing up some cantaloupe

Guess it's time to start planning a birthday party!

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