California Trip!

A week later and we are back from California! I always mean to post an update right away but this time I came back to a very busy week! More on our other life news later!

More importantly, a large batch of pictures were uploaded to my computer from my phone...and my sister's and mom's phones. So instead of trying to decide which pics I liked best or adding them all, I made a little video montage of all the pictures!

So enjoy :)

We did lots of fun things while visiting my mom and Dale. We hit up IKEA like usual, went to the beach several times, visited the aquarium, and generally had lots of snacks and playtime!

Overall, Parker seemed to like the beach. However, he didn't enjoy it as soon as we got there each time. He seemed to really dislike the sand between his fingers and toes because he stood there like a starfish with everything spread apart. He got used to it though after a few minutes and liked using his gigantic shovel to dig and he also liked smashing our sand castles. He liked the water and wasn't bothered too much that it was a little chilly.

He loved digging in my mom's dirt pile (she's working on getting a pool put in) and running around her yard. 

He loved her kitties (mercury and Persephone) and of course her dog Luna (Luna Tuna). My mom has a catio (cat patio) that she built that is connected to her bedroom window. Parker loved playing with the cats as they went in and out of the house. He loved locking them outside and then go out to see them!

He also enjoyed playing in the Batmobile and with the pile of toys my mom has collected. 

He had fun helping cook and also washing dishes. Big surprise!

He also enjoyed getting in the hot tub! It was the perfect height and temperature for him!

He adjusted pretty well to the time change after the first day and he was a pretty good sleeper! The first morning we woke up at 5:30 but I managed to get him to go back to sleep for a little bit. The other mornings weren't too early either!

He was really good on the plane ride out and back home. He almost had a mini meltdown as we landed in California but Hilary & I managed to avert it mostly. He really just wanted to get off the plane...but don't we all! Then on the way home he was knocked out but when they turned on the lights he got a smidge cranky, With this being his 4th flight, I have become a pretty good packer for our flights! LOTS of snacks and some new books & toys last pretty well. Also, fitting in a nap for half the ride always helps (especially if I need one too!).

This was his last free flight since he turns two on Thursday :( Although I am kind of glad he will have his own seat the next time we go somewhere...he's getting a little too big and it will be nice to have the extra room!

We had so much fun and can't wait to go again!

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  1. Great pictures and video clips. Looks like you all had fun !