20 Months Old

We have officially entered the phase where I feel silly saying __ months old...which means I am going to have to soon start saying 2 years old. Sniff. How did that happen?!

Mr. Fancy Pants has been growing like a weed lately! He is 33.5 inches tall and 24 pounds. 

After I typed the above sentence I entered in his weight and height into the app I've used since he was born and laughed! On October 29 he weighed 26 pounds and was 33 inches tall. So apparently these long legs I keep seeing are all a figment of my imagination!

I will say that his language is the thing that is definitely growing rapidly! I know I mentioned that last month but his vocabulary and phrases grow every day! He loves to tell us to move if we're in his way; when I'm laying down sometimes he says "mama get up"; his last piece of cheese was under a napkin and he said "Parker cheese, gone?" He seems very eager to learn new words too. If I say a word or tell him what something is, he usually repeats it or tries to.

He learned how to do 'shh' and its so cute! When you tell him to close his eyes they scrunch up in the cutest way! He is practicing his jumping...usually in his bed. He is pretty brave sometimes, trying to jump off things if you are close by. He likes to play catch but mostly if you are the one catching.

He went to the doctor this morning for a recheck on his left ear which has had an infection and it still hasn't gone away. Hopefully this round of antibiotics will help because he has had a terrible cough since Thanksgiving.

 From November

loves his beanbag

We went to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving and he really enjoyed looking at their sheep.

too cool for school

We went downtown for the lighting of the Christmas tree and he loved the dance floor!

He finishes every drop of his cereal.

I told him to smile.

He used the fire mitt to help spread all the branches in the tree.

He also 'helped' hang the ornaments.
 From December

He loves Clint's battery train.

I opened a bag of black beans and chickpeas and he loves playing with these!

counting his money when he was sick 

yum scrum

what a cutie

relaxing at Jennifer's

He loves the blow up Rudolph.

We checked out Christmas at the Zoo for a little bit.

Mr. Reindeer

so festive

playing with his gingerbread nativity set

wearing his new slippers

he likes to wear my shoes when he is decorating the window

He's calling Toodles!

He loves my beach hat!

He always wants to help daddy make a fire.

morning stretching

We are so excited for Christmas in a couple days!

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