19 Months

I'm a few days late but P-Man is 19 months old! This last month has shown so much development!


His speech has really gown so much lately! He is putting together phrases more and more and phrases that are more of a command/request like "dada play" or "mama go" "mamma up". These requests are funny too because if you don't do what he is asking, he is likely to try and push or pull you to what or where he wants!

He loves wearing Clint's boxing gloves.

Bedtime Stories


Doing daddy's work
who knows?!? 

Zonked out
 loves Chapstick!

Got his Carhartts on

Pizza Date

He is obsessed lately with picking his toe fuzz.

Some mornings that hair is O.O.C.
 He likes his singing Santa!

Sick baby taking a nap with mommy.

He also loves his Christmas snowglobe.

Watching for daddy.

Trying out his Christmas countdown from Grandma.

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  1. Personally the out of control hair is my favorite.