Roadtrip to California - Day #3

 We left Salt Lake City ready to hit California in a few hours!  But first, breakfast! The dogs were alert and happy for the last day in the car!

One of the bazillion lame 'prisons' we saw in the middle of nowhere.

The Great Salt Lake


Pretzel anyone?
Headed for Nevada!

Oh look! The first thing in Nevada is a casino.Weird.


At least someone is into the deathly scenery.
Well, these are kind of pretty.
 Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us on one of our best stops. We stopped somewhere in Nevada in the mountains around dinnertime at Taco Bell. Both of our cell phones were nearly dead and we thought after going through the drive-thru that we would just run inside to eat and park by the window to watch the dogs. We were, after all, at a Taco Bell, where they specialize in the 4th meal. Well that Taco Bell closed at 9. Yes, nine. Sooo...we decided to go over to Starbucks and plug in and steal free WiFi. Well, they were closed since SEVEN! BUNK mountain people! 
So we found a Jiffy Lube'like place and parked in the parking lot. We found an outlet in the parking lot, because yes, it was closed too, and ate dinner while our phones charged. 

Finally, around 8 pm, after the moving truck was unloaded I might add, we arrived at Lindsay's House!!!

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  1. I can't believe we didn't get any pics of our Jiffy Lube stop!!! What were we thinking??? That was definitely one of the highlights.

    And our timing? Was flawless!