Roadtrip to California - Day #1

Nothing but open road ahead!
Lindsay and I left for California on Sunday at about 3:00. We had our ipods all loaded up with good music, the cooler filled with drinks, and a big bag full of delicious treats! We drove all the way to Crawfordsville before Clint called to tell me that I had both sets of his truck keys! 
Oops! We headed back to Brownsburg where he met us to give him back the keys. Then we had pretty smooth sailing for quite a while!

Happy Dogs

More Happy Dog
Happy Dogs

Seriously Passed Out Squished Nose Dog

Lindsay had received some doggy sedatives for all 5 mutts' roadtrip so that they would be OOC. At first, the big dogs had no reaction at all really. Then they both slept hardcore. Then Duke got drunk. See above. Then they started acting like weirdos, so we decided to stop for the night in good ol' Lincoln, Nebraska.

Duke wanted room service while Lindsay was in the shower. He was sick of nasty old Alpo!

This is how far we drove after one day! At the time it felt like we drove foooorevvvveeeeerrrrr but when I highlighted our distance, it was miniscule. Sidenote - when packing Lindsay found an old paper atlas. She saved it because she knew that I would totally want it for our trip! Score! I also happened to have a highlighter in my purse when we left, so I decided to highlight our trail across the USA. I only took pictures of the big atlas page. We actually highlighted the route on each state's individual pages. Lindsay obviously laughed at my activity, but LO AND BEHOLD! It soon become a highly coveted position to highlight every couple hours!


  1. Yay! A blog post! Those pictures are so funny. And duh, I knew it would be fun, that's why I brought it with us!

    And I love your "highlighting fun" tag. So cracking up.

  2. looking forward to more posts on your trip!