Roadtrip to California - Day #2

After a nice rest at Motel 6 in Lincoln - which was actually pretty nice! - we headed back onto the open road. If only we knew the long and boring road ahead would be so...boring. After getting plenty of rest the night before, I decided to tackle the book I had to read for my college class. This is what happened after reading the first few pages:

Well, at least the dogs were happy and rested!
 This my friends is what boring looks like, I mean Nebraska. After a while it actually got really hilly. Let me tell you that while it is FULL of cows, it is NOT full of 3g! Lindsay and I suffered most of day 2 WITH NO INTERNETS! It was horrible.

We did see some cool mountains once we entered Wyoming. While there are lots of farms in WY, it wasn't too bad (minus the missing 3G).

Here is Lindsay and I driving along, happy as two BFF sisters, and then BAM! All of a sudden we were in the middle of Twister! Lindsay was driving at the time and it was pouring like I've never seen and Lindsay is freaking out but NOT turning on the wipers! She was on her phone and messing with the radio when we almost went to hell in a Subaru handbasket!

Here we are in the middle of mosquito county, walking the dogs for the 187 billionth time.

 We decided part way through day 2 that we needed our summer fix of 49 cent cones from McD's. BUT their ice cream machine was...of course! Broken. BUNK! So we settled for DQ and it was delicious too.


Why are you hiding?

Pillow Hog!
We stopped after a long 2nd day of driving at a Motel 6 in Salt Lake City, which was definitely not nice. I found a long gray hair in my towel. Sick ass bats.

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  1. Nebraska was so boring. Wyoming only slightly better. No internets was the worst! Sorry we almost died in Twister. I spazzed. I'm big enough to admit it.