Tortoise Update

I guess I should have waited a few more hours to post about the Tortoise project because I could have said that it was fully funded before 9pm last night! I am so pumped about how has worked! Every project I have written has been funded within a week. I never would have thought that my tortoise project would only take hours! Thanks to everyone who donated or passed on the link!

I told my kiddos about it today and they were so excited! I told them that we would decide on a name as a class and one of my girls shouts out "Michael Jackson!" She has been obsessed about MJ since school started this year. I was cracking up...but told her no. :)

I also received an email this afternoon that I can go purchase my pet and it's habitat today! I am hoping to do it tonight. As soon as I do, pictures will follow!


  1. pictures! we want pictures!

  2. I think Michael Jackson is a FABULOUS name for a turtle. As long as his personality is like the real MJ...