Going Back to School

So I recently was admitted into IUPUI's Master in Elementary Education with a Focus on Technology Program (I need an acronym, but the actual one isn't very fun). I applied along with Emily, a fellow 2nd grade teacher at CGE. We decided that if we did it together it would be more bearable. We had originally decided to apply to the El Ed Masters Program, but I wrote about technology in my personal statement, so they automatically decided that I wanted a different program. After some investigating, we found out that the program I was accepted into was all online, which is huge plus. We were looking for some online classes here or there, but this whole program is online. That means no late nights at IUPUI, no parking passes, and no lectures!

Another plus to the program is that we will be completed after the fall 2011 semester; two full years instead of three. The bad part of that is that we have to take 2 classes every session. We are a little anxious about having 2 classes during the school year but with both of us working together it might not be that bad (we hope!). The other bad thing about 2 classes at a time is that it is 2 times the cost initially. I knew I would take multiple classes at different points, but right off the bat we had decided that we only wanted to do 1. So now I have to prepare to start spending $2000 every few months for the next two years! Yikes!

I am excited to finally start working towards some higher education because 3 out 4 immediate family members now have more education than me! Including my little genius sister! Don't worry though...she's only 1 semester ahead of me now! Soon, I can say that I have more smarts than dad! And of all people to be on the bottom of the totem pole, I never would have guessed it to be my dad! He is still the Jeopardy King though!

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  1. Congrats! I think you'll have a great experience and learn a lot!

    Who knows, maybe there's an E.D.D. in your future??? You could be Superintendent Dr. Reed!