The Life of a Tortoise

I finally got my Tortoise proposal on DonorsChoose: The Life of a Tortoise. The original price was $520...after the Wayne Township Education Fund gave half, about $260 was needed to fund this project. After only 6 hours all but $75 has been donated!! That is so awesome!

I cannot wait to get this tortoise! I think I am going to have the class help me name the little pet...I may have to modify some names, but we'll see!


  1. woo hoo! that was super fast. I am excited for you to get the ball rolling -- your kids will love having a pet!

  2. Hopefully this will turn out better than the gerbils. RIP Oreo (1 & 2) and Butterscotch!

  3. This is amazing Leslie - good for you for taking this on! :)