28 Weeks

I am currently 28 weeks along. Saturday is 29 weeks so measurement is in between.

I had my glucose test Tuesday and I passed again! Whew. Especially because I have had a slight sweet tooth this time around.

I got a whooping cough vaccine in my upper arm and it is KILLING me! I don't remember it being so sore last time but I guess I'll manage! Better than getting whooping cough I guess ;)

My next appointment is another ultrasound so I am excited for that! Although it's two and a half weeks away.

Currently I am up 20 lbs. although I was up a few more last week...but a stomach bug caused me to lose 5. Let's just say a stomach bug while you're pregnant is really no fun, Your stomach is killing you but you're so hungry because your little sugarplum is stealing anything they can. Then you have tons of stomach movements but you never know if it's the baby moving or your stomach bug! Fun times I tell ya!

Over spring break we had lots of plans! We made a huge to do list and we have completed several things but of course we aren't done. I will post a sneak peak before break is over! Let's just I am excited about the boys' rooms!

Well I am feeling great most of the time, so no real big update here!

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