13 Months Old

Parker loves babbling! He has discovered a few new sounds and loves repeating them! He can say dog, woof, sometimes cat, moo, that, mama, and dada. He loves pointing at practically everything! He is extremely curious and also very mischievous. He loves climbing and going up and down things (like the stairs to the garage or onto the porch). He can feed himself with a spoon now! It's a little messy but he's doing pretty good! We video chatted with my mom and stepdad last week and he definitely knew that we were all talking and pointed and interacted with them more than he ever has. 

He loves unrolling the toilet paper, stealing my computer mouse, typing, teasing the dog when she's at the door to come in, fruit, double fisting his water and milk at dinner, trying to put his shoes on, running & being chased, and giggling.

We went to a small family wedding this weekend and he loved the bubbles and the balloons!

He did not want to put the decorations back!

He likes eating yogurt.

Feed meeee!

We went to a few garage sales on Saturday...he stayed in his pj's.

He's been practicing either yoga or somersaults.

I can't wait til school's out so I can hang out with my little man everyday!

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