Beckham - 37 Weeks

Well, here we are 6 weeks later! I've fallen a bit behind keeping up here but that's life!

Likes: most foods (especially sweet potatoes, applesauce, cheerios, yogurt, and bananas), anything to do with Parker (he's obsessed with watching him, grabbing him, & playing with him), grabbing the spoon and making a gigantic mess, chewing, standing, baths

Dislikes: being left alone, sleeping some place new

What's New in the Last (several) Weeks: He is thisclose to crawling! He can scoot backwards and in circles and in the general direction he wants but on his belly. He can get up on his knees and rock back and forth pretty good but he hasn't put the knees in forward motion yet.

The last three nights he has slept pretty well. Two of the nights he slept from 7pm to after 2am...which ironically is how he slept from newborn til 4 months. So I am hopeful he is back to this routine and on his way to all night sleep because this momma needs it so bad! But, alas, I am prepared to still wake 3 times a night. Can't get my hopes up yet!

Talking about sleep...this baby is a good napper at least! He has almost fully switched to 2 naps a day now. He takes a 45 min-1 hour nap in the morning around 10am. Then he takes around a 1-2 hour nap around 1 or 2pm.

 I just love this cutie!

He loves bathtime!!

He liked it when I pushed him but as soon as Parker did, he was cracking up! Parker does everything better!

Parker changed Beckham's diaper all by himself!

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