Beckham: Weeks 26-29

Well dang...I got behind! I blame the holidays and the fact that we had my family staying at our house for almost three weeks. So it was pretty busy around here. I did manage to take pictures though so that's a win.

Likes: Parker, yogurt bites, Ritz crackers, watermelon, squeaky and musical toys, any of Parker's toys, being pushed in the walker by Parker, mommy, daddy's beard

Dislikes: being fed with a spoon, cold food, the evening

What's New in the Last Month: Not a lot has changed! We did start feeding him solids and like Parker is slow to like it. He is generally a very happy baby but he can be so cranky in the evenings! It's like all he wants to do is sleep! He loves sitting up but could kind of care less about moving around although he is starting to reach forward which hopefully leads to crawling! 

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